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  Retractors Elevator Lever & Hooks

Surgical procedures require high precision for their successful execution. Hence, we manufacture wide range of retractors, elevators, levers, and hooks including double hook retractor, sharp hook, hohmann retractor, cobs elevator, cryer elevator, Bennett's, hook for skin with three prong, skin hook-2 prong, and love nerve root retractor-45 angle made of finest quality stainless steel for durability.
Our range comprises:

  • Alm's Retractor

  • Awty Osteotomy Retractor

  • Charnley Hip Retractor with weight & Chain

  • Cobs Elevator

  • Cryer Elevator

  • Dental Elevator R

  • Desmarres Retractor

  • Double Ended Elevator Spoon Shape

  • Doyen's Rib Sheerer

  • Elevator, Doyen's Perosteal

  • Gelpi Retractor

  • Hack Saw with 2 Blade

  • Hook for Skin with One Prong

  • Hook for Skin with Three Prong

  • Kilner Skin Retractor

  • Lamina Spreader

  • Lever for Bone, Trethowen's Type

  • Lever for Bones, Lanes Type

  • Lever for Bones, Lanes Types S.S with Serrated ends

  • Love Nerve Root Retractor-45 Angle

  • Love Nerve Root Retractor-90 Angle

  • Love Nerve Root Retractor-Straight

  • Mc Donald's Retractors

  • Mostroid Retractor

  • Periosteal Elevator Double Ended Small & Large

  • Periosteal Elevator-Straight & Curved

  • Periosteal Elevator-Straight & Curved with Fibre Handle

  • Ramie Retractor

  • Retractor and Elevator, Bennett's

  • Retractor, Senn Miller

  • Retractors, Backman Adson 11 1/2

  • Retractors, Bristow

  • Retractors, Langenback, length 8 1/2

  • Retractors, Nerve Root

  • Retractors, Volkman's

  • Sharp Hook

  • Skin Hook-2 Prong

  • Zemy's Retractor

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