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  Instruments for Femoral Heads

Our instruments for femoral heads specifically assist in head surgeries. They are manufactured with surgical grade stainless steel and titanium to ensure corrosion resistance along with durability. Our comprehensive range includes rasp for Moore extra long, bi-polar rasp, bone skid Murphy lane, extractor set for A.M. prosthesis with 2 hooks and hollows chisel, Austin Moore type.
Our range comprises:

  • Austin Moore Impactor

  • Bi-Polar Rasp

  • Bone File, Fiber Handle

  • Bone Skid Murphy Lane

  • Gauge for Prostheses set of nine

  • Hollows Chisel, Austin Moore type

  • Hooks for Head Extractor

  • Impactor for Femoral Head Tufnol faced Aluminum

  • Judet Auger Extractor S.S.

  • Judet Retractor

  • Putty Rasp

  • Rasp for Moore Extra Long

  • Rasp. Moore Type tommy bar

  • Rasp. Moore Type with tommy bar

  • Extractor Set for A.M. Prosthesis with 2 Hooks

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