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  Instruments for Awl Diamond Pointed

We have carved our niche in manufacture and export of instruments for kuntscher cloverleaf nail 'v' nail rush nails, and square nails. They are manufactured with high grade stainless steel and titanium to incorporate features like corrosion resistance, light weight, and reliability. Due to the factor of durability, they effectively support the fractured bones.
Our range comprises:
  • Awl Diamond pointed for Kuntscher Nails curved

  • Awl Diamond pointed for Kuntscher Nails-Straight

  • Bender for Ender's Nail

  • Bending Fixature for Ender's Nail

  • Bone Awl (Small)

  • Cannulated Hand Reamer 6mm to 14mm

  • Elastic Nail Introducer with S.S. Chuck and Key

  • Elastic Nail Introducing

  • Elastic Nail Punch

  • Gauge for Kuntscher Nail

  • K-Nail Extractor with 2 hook

  • K. Nail Driver

  • Kuntscher Nail set

  • Reamers Medullary Canal Reamer

  • Screw Targeting Jig for Supracondylar Nail

  • Slotted Hammer for introducing Rod for Elastic Nail

  • Slotted Hammer or Ender's Nail

  • Spare Hook for K-Nail

  • Square Nail Extarctor Hook

  • Square Nail Reamer

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