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Ilizarov Wires, Nuts, Bolts & Washers

Our range of Ilizarov wires, nuts, bolts, and washers are designed and manufactured as per WHO guidelines. Hence, they are widely appreciated for the amount of precision, flexibility, and sterilization that they possess. It includes ilizarov set-small, set-medium, and set-large which are totally corrosion resistant and safe to use in sophisticated orthopedic treatments.
Our range comprises:

  • Austin Moore with 2 Nuts

  • Blount staples

  • Bone Awl with eye-Aluminium

  • Bone Awl with eye-Fibre Handle

  • Centrally Threaded

  • Cerclage Wire Holding Forceps

  • Cerclage Wire Loop

  • Conventry Staples Inserter

  • Coventry staples

  • Guide Wire Introducer, Watson Jones Type

  • Inserter or Coventry Staples

  • Jumbo Cutter

  • Knowles Pin

  • Pin Steinman

  • Plier Cum Wire Bender Cum Wire Cutter

  • S.S. Wire Roll 10mm

  • Staple Extractor

  • Starter for Staples in 2 sizes

  • Steinman pin introducer S.S. with S.S. Chuck & Key

  • Threaded Krischner Wire

  • Wire Bender

  • Wire Cutter S.S.

  • Wire Passer

  • Wire Tightening Forceps (A.O. Type)

  • Wire twister S.S. (Conventional Model)

  • Wire Twister S.S. with 2 Pegs

  • Wire,Suture,roll of 10m

  • Wire Tightner Cum Twister Cum Cutter

  • Vice Grip

  • K. Wire Bender

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