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  Ilizarov Ring Fixator

Ilizarov Ring Fixators are manufactured in our unit using high quality stainless steel and titanium. Our wide assortment of fixators include external fixator-ilizarov 1/2 ring, Italian femoral arch, graduated telescopic rod, hinge male, short connection plates and flat-sided washer. These are light weighted devices ensuring easy wrist and elbow movement while eliminating any permanent foreign bodies.
Our range comprises:

  • Bushing

  • Connection Bolt

  • Connection Plates with Threaded Ends

  • Dynometer Tensioner

  • External Fixator-Ilizarov 2 Ring

  • Curved Plate

  • External Fixator-Ilizarov 2 Ring

  • External Fixator-Ilizarov 8 Ring

  • External Fixator-Ilizarov Full Ring

  • Flat Sided Washer

  • Graduated Telescopic Rod

  • Half Range Carbon Fibre

  • Hinge Female

  • Hinge Male

  • Hinge-90

  • lizarov Wire Bayonet Point-1.5mm

  • Italian Femoral Arch

  • Manual Tensioner

  • Multiple Pin Fixation Clamp

  • Nut 10mm

  • Oblique Support

  • Olive Wire Bayonet Point-1.5mm

  • Repofix Device

  • Single Pin Fixation Bolt with Washer-Deluxe

  • Slotted Washer

  • Spacing Washer

  • SquareNut

  • Telescopic Rod

  • Threaded Socket

  • Twisted Plates

  • Washer Hanger

  • Wire Buckle

  • Wire Fixation Bolt Cannulated

  • Wire Fixation BoltSlotted

  • Wrenchoqube

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