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  Bone Holding Forceps

Our bone holding forceps are highly recognized for their excellent performance. We offer a comprehensive range including burn's bone holding forceps, hey grooves bone-holding forceps, lane?s bone holding forceps, Lowman bone clamp and mini reduction forceps manufactured with high grade stainless steel for ability to hold, stabilize, rotate, reduce or compress bone during surgical procedures.
Our range comprises:

  • Bone Holding Forceps

  • Burn's Bone Holding Forceps

  • Hey Grooves Bone Holding Forceps

  • Lane's Bone Holding Forceps

  • Lane's Bone Holding Forceps with Ratchet

  • Lowman Bone Clamp

  • Malleolar Forceps with 2 Points which meet at 15angle210mm

  • Mini Bone Holding Forceps

  • Mini Plate Holding Forceps

  • Mini Reduction forceps(Pointed)

  • Mini Reduction Forceps

  • Modified Patella Bone Holding Forceps Four Prong

  • Modified Patella Bone Holding Forceps Three Prong

  • Patella Bone Holding Forceps, Four Prong

  • Petella Bone holding 3 Prong

  • Plate Holding Forceps Plier Type

  • Reduction Clamps (Threaded lock)

  • Reduction Forceps Pointed, Ratchet Lock

  • Reduction Forceps Pointed, Speed Lock

  • Reduction Forceps Serrated, Ratchet Lock

  • Self Centering Bone Holding Forceps Light Weight

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